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Large Animal Services

Fourmile Veterinary Clinic is one of a few animal hospitals in the area to offer experienced veterinary care for horses, cattle and small ruminants, in addition to dogs and cats! Our facility is designed to make large animal care as effective and safe as possible. Many of our clients even travel far distances for our top-rate care.

Radiology (X-Ray)

By utilizing digital x-ray, rather than traditional film x-ray, we are able to take higher quality images with fewer radiation exposures, making x-ray safer and more effective for your animal. We also have a portable x-ray machine, allowing us to perform radiology on farm calls.

Large Animal Surgery

Our facility is fully equipped for large animal surgery, with a padded surgery and recovery room for equine and small ruminants and an indoor head catch for bovine procedures. Just as with our small animal patients, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of the horses and livestock we treat. Your animal's vitals will be closely monitored throughout surgery, and we will design an appropriate pain management plan to ensure your animal's comfort following surgery.

Equine Dentistry

Proper dental care for your horse is essential for their performance and health. Fourmile Veterinary Care offers comprehensive equine dentistry to keep your horse's mouth in top condition. We utilize the PowerFloat system for professional dental care. We perform your horse's dental care in our equine stocks, allowing for a comfortable and thorough exam and float.

Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) Testing

Dr. Jeremy Ley is one of the very few veterinarians in the country trained to test for PAP in cattle. This test is a reliable predictor of susceptibility to developing congestive heart failure in high altitudes, often called brisket disease. Since it is so common for ranches in the western United States to be located at high altitudes, Dr. Ley has found this procedure to be very valuable for his clients. The susceptibility of brisket disease is moderately heritable, enabling producers who utilize PAP testing to prevent costly losses in their herds through selective breeding.

Ambulatory Truck

We understand transporting large animals like horses and cattle is not easy. At Fourmile Veterinary Clinic, we perform farm calls when our clients lack convenient transportation to our hospital. Our ambulatory truck gives us the capability to provide routine care, emergency first aid, and some minor procedures from the comfort of your own facility.

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